Song Book

Please keep in mind these song lists are only A  Very Small  part of the total music library that i bring to your event. If there are any special songs that i don’t have that you would like to hear, let me know and i will find it in most cases.                                       All music is radio edited.

                Always updating all the music.

                 Click on some samples of song choices below 

Grand Entrance Songs

Bridal Dances / Bridal Party

Father/Daughter Dance

Mother/Son Dance

Garter/Bouquet Suggestions

Specialty Dances

Big Band, Swing & Nostalgia 1930’s & 40’s

50s & 60s /Rock/Oldies



Country ( yesterday & today )

70s & 80s Pop/Rock 

90s Pop/Rock/Dance

Top 40 Dance & Hip Hop

2000 – Current

And much more to many to list.We are always updating all our music.